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2013 Car Raffle

Each year the POTTSTOWN AREA SENIORS CENTER has a raffle for a new car.

Grand Prize: 2013 Honda Fit Sedan from Piazza Honda of Pottstown or $15,000 cash

2nd, 3rd Prize $250; 4th, 5th $100; 6th, 7th $50 CASH

Donation $10 each or 3 for $25.00

DRAWING ON JULY 4TH 2013 AT POTTSTOWN WALMART 8PM  see ticket for details


Winners Will Be Posted

After we have them all in!  All info has yet to arrive.

Click here to see a video from our friends at WZAR.

This is it!

The day has arrived, the Honor Roll is over $9,000 (and will be updated post-event), and you can see more story and some pics here.

Pottstown’s Barkasi is Homecoming Queen

Full story here.

Credit Cards Donations Being Accepted

Many people have asked if they can contribute via credit/debit card.  Any donation will help, and all will be acknowledged on our Honor Roll.

Please call Pottstown Parks & Rec at 610-970-6608 and they will accept your payment over the phone.  That was easy!

Red, White & Code Blue Alert!

Our friends at Code Blue and Positively Pottstown! have teamed up to run a 50/50 raffle at Memorial Park on Saturday July 3.  2 lucky winners will split 50% of the pot with the remainder going to the July 4th committee.  Tickets will be available near the sound booth where we will be selling the souvenir caps, daily number calenders, and the Senior Citizen car chances.

What will you win?

Positively Pottstown!

Fellow Town Square blogger Sue Repko put up a really nice post about being a Homecoming Queen, which you’ll find here.

Thanks Sue!

Teen Idol Contest!

This year we are bringing back the Teen Idol Contest.  Details will be available here.  Who will the judges be?  Will the next Susan Boyle be discovered here?  Stay tuned!

Only 2 signed up; replaced by community karaoke.