Baby Contest

“Oh, you must have been a beautiful baby…….”

Bring your youngster to this very popular contest.  There are several age groups and categories, and judges have the toughest time making a decision.

To register your patriotic baby, call 610-970-6608.

The following are the winners in the 2011 Fourth of July Baby Contest sponsored by Pottstown Memorial Medical Center:

0-6 months

1st Place: Lilliana Denny, Daughter of Tamara & Kyle Denny

2nd Place: Kaelynn Milligan, Daughter of Chasity Bliss

3rd Place: Kynleigh Rosen, Daughter of Pam Weiss & Todd Rosen

7-12 months

1st Place: Kadin Kemp, Son of Courtney & Garrett Kemp

2nd Place: Ella Seasholtz, Daughter of Marissa Kropp & Adam Seasholtz

3rd Place: Scarlett & Skylar Shivak, Daughters of John & Jennifer Shivak

13-24 months

1st Place: Olivia Ferguson, Daughter of Rachel Budich & Andre Ferguson

2nd Place: Harmony Wilson, Daughter of Lakia Wilson & Darrell Millner

3rd Place: Isabella Murray, Daughter of Joanne & Gene Murray

25-36 months

1st Place: Nora Walters, Daughter of Brad & Erin Walters

2nd Place: Clayton Shoffner, Son of Keri & Amanda Shoffner

3rd Place: Kylie Bigham, Daughter of Shana & John Bigham

Not a contestant, but that's the idea. Picture from google.