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2016: No Fireworks or Parade


Officials say Pottstown Fourth of July events won’t happen this year

Today’s’ POTTSTOWN Mercury. 

Pockets Out

Here We Go Again

Six weeks out and the annual hand-wringing, face-palming, finger-pointing begins.

The Committee says “Oh NO! We need money!”.  The Borough responds “Can’t you read?”

Read this morning’s Mercury article. 

The Committee Letter.

The current committee has proved itself unequal to the task of providing this event and unifying area residents.  The Official website provides no particulars on finances other than announcing fundraisers.

Instead of the committee petitioning the individual council members, why not publish the contact information of the committee  members.  Some may have something to say.

Anyone for Golf?

The Committee is holding a fundraiser Golf Outing on May 22, 2016 at the Gilbertsville Golf Club, New Hanover Township, Gilberstville, PA 19425,

Sponsors are needed, click here for forms.

Picnic-Dinner following, catered by Our Place Restaurant.