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Here We Go Again

Six weeks out and the annual hand-wringing, face-palming, finger-pointing begins.

The Committee says “Oh NO! We need money!”.  The Borough responds “Can’t you read?”

Read this morning’s Mercury article. 

The Committee Letter.

The current committee has proved itself unequal to the task of providing this event and unifying area residents.  The Official website provides no particulars on finances other than announcing fundraisers.

Instead of the committee petitioning the individual council members, why not publish the contact information of the committee  members.  Some may have something to say.


Megan Remick has been crowned 2014 Homecoming Queen

Here is a video courtesy of reporter Frank Otto

Here is further coverage from the Pottstown Mercury

Where Do We Go From Here?

Second year without Fireworks in Pottstown borough.  Many opinions have been offered, and some sincere folks made a Power Point slideshow. Four queen contestants have worked hard to reverse this situation.

Please express your sincere wishes, and SHARE this poll.  Keep the comments clean.  This will serve as a testament of your commitment to your town.

The results will be posted next week, and offered to local media.



2014 5K Race details

Megan Remick

Megan Remick is competing in the Pottstown 4th of
July Homecoming Queen contest. Please support Megan
in her efforts to be named Pottstown’s 4th of July Queen.
Megan’s goal is to raise enough funds to bring back the
4th of July Fireworks and other family celebrations.
Megan invites you to attend the following
events to support her campaign:

Friendly’s Nights Out (4:00—9:00 PM) will be
held on: Wednesday, May 21
Wednesday, June 4
Wednesday, June 25
Megan will be at the Pottstown Nostalgia Car Show
on High Street on Saturday, June 7 (5-9PM). The
theme for the car show is 1950’s. She is also sponsoring
a basket full of gift cards valuing $260 which includes ($25)
Applebee’s, ($25) Los Aztecas, ($20) Red Lobster, ($20) Palermo’s Pizza,($10) Carmike Theaters, ($20) Wawa, ($20) Dairy Queen, ($100)
American Express. Tickets are $5 for Megan’s arms length.
The basket travels to all of Megan’s events and the winner
will be chosen at the final Friendly’s Night out on June 25.
See Megan’s Facebook page Vote Megan Remick as
Pottstown’s 4th of July Queen for additional information
and new events that are being added.

All proceeds benefit the 4th of July Celebrations in
Pottstown. Megan is trying to bring the Fireworks
and other festivities back to our town.

One Penny = One Vote