Financial Info (2013) from Pottstown Borough

Link to Tax Returns 2002-2012

Expenses: The committee purchases insurance, hires all the entertainment (bands, sound system, balloons), purchases prizes for the Queen contest, Fireworks, Police, Fire Police, hats, flags, etc.

Income: Penny a Vote Queen Contest, Honor Roll donations, Profit from hat and flag sales on parade route, donations on parade route, portion of all concession sales at park, fees for crafter stands,  profit from sales of Daily Number calenders, profit from Field of Flags, donation from Rotary Club Rubber Duck race, profit from Pottstown Classics Car Rally.    Preservation Pottstown conducts the Patriotic 5K race, and solicits corporate sponsors towards the expenses of that event.  Proceeds are shared with the committee.

If inclement weather comes, as it has in several recent years, most expenses stay the same due to obligations, and the Income drops.

Donated Services: Borough of Pottstown, use of Memorial Park; Dana Corporation use of parking lot, Parks & Rec staffers, tractor trailers for the stage from Stearly Trucking; use of golf carts from Twin Ponds Golf Course; convertibles in the parade, all firetrucks in parade, balloon arches and giant flag over High St., community groups who march in parade; Certified Public Accounting services from a local CPA; all the committee members’ time; publicity from the Mercury, meeting space at the Mercury;  publicity and meeting space at the Pottstown School District; area formal and flower shops for the Queen, her court, and their escorts; Goodwill Fire & Ambulance, emergency stand by at the park; our logo was designed gratis; and now, bloggers.

Benefit to other community groups: numerous non-profits raise money at the event, including the Boy Scouts, Pottstown Rotary, and the Pottstown Seniors’ Center.  The Pottstown AMBUCS announce the Soap Box Derby Winners at the event.   The committee has also assisted other groups with donations, such as the Pottstown High School marching band’s trip to SanFrancisco, and the Pottstown 250th anniversary committee.  The committee also assisted the fledgling “Save Sunnybrook” committee.

Benefit to Borough Taxpayers: Since 1979, many improvements to Memorial Park, including water and electrical upgrades, retention walls, the lighted flagpole and trees have been made using July Fourth funds, adding to the park’s value.  The July Fourth Committee joined forces with the Pottstown Neighborhood Historic District back in 1985 to have the triple flag holders downtown and new flags used for national holidays.  Assisted the borough in repairing the pedestrian bridge in Memorial Park which was condemned after the flood a few years ago.

Hopefully this puts some concerns into perspective.  The committee has actively sought corporate sponsorships for many years, including retaining a professional fundraiser, with mixed results.    Please friend us on Facebook and forward this site to your friends and associates.

UPDATE: The Philadelphia Inquirer ran this story about the City and some towns who are cutting back.  With corporate sponsors.